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Purchases and contracts

SYSTEMZ expertise by example of a project implemented in an international financial company
12 years
one of the largest European companies engaged in consumer lending activities
20+ m
total loans disbursed over the years
€7 b
total amount of loans issued
16 countries
where the company already operates - 13 countries in Europe and 3 countries in the South America
2500 people
the total number of employees in all countries and their number is constantly increasing
The customer needed to transfer the existing processes of working with contracts, purchase orders, invoices, suppliers, etc. from the existing system to SharePoint Online. The customer's current system was not ergonomic and difficult for users. In addition, it was necessary to refine existing processes and implement the possibility of working with the system online. The customer planned to get a convenient, intuitive system, with the possibility of flexible adjustment and transparent approval process.

The main difficulties were connected with the fact that at the moment of the project start the company had only on-premise version of the document management system, so in parallel with the customer's project the online version was being developed.

To solve the problem, the choice was made to use Office 365, as well as the product line ZForms and ZFlow for process automation in Office 365. We at SYSTEMZ have already had extensive experience in implementing highly loaded systems based on SharePoint business level Enterprise, but this task was very difficult, although initially it seemed quite trivial.

Since September 2018 a huge joint work has been carried out - our specialists together with our colleagues from the Customer's company thought over the possibilities of unification of business processes taking into account the specifics of legislation, multi-currency accounting, complex pricing, organizational structure in each of the 16 countries of the Customer's presence.

One of the key moments of automation was the account of complex approval processes in the customer's company, assuming a complex system of roles, a variety of routes coordinated for various legal entities, many exceptions, dependence on approval limits.

For simplification of administration of complex system of roles the mechanism of automatic creation of system roles and assignment to them of demanded access rights at creation of elements in system on which a role depends has been created. For example, when creating a new legal entity in the system for him automatically created roles: lawyer, accountant, specialist in document management and so on. At the same time, it is possible to create the required roles with manually configurable access rights.

In order to implement the harmonization routes, a system of directories has been created, allowing to set common routes for a group of legal entities, the routes for which are more or less similar, and to specify exceptions for individual legal entities.

Given the volume of data and the complex system of access to documents, it was important to consider and circumvent the known limitations of SharePoint. If we knew how to deal with similar tasks on SharePoint Server, we had to start over here. As a result, the solution architecture provides for hybrid storage of data from part of the modules, which can significantly increase the speed of the system.

As a business process editor we used both Microsoft Flow and our own development for SharePoint Onlne, the ZFlow business process editor, which allows us to make complex business logic without involving programmers. To create forms, we used our low code solution for Office 365 ZForms to create adaptive modern forms.

The most important task we have set for this system is its easy scalability and maximum speed of change implementation. The system is in trial operation, but already now we can say that it is quite convenient, the interface turned out to be light and pleasant, in the concept of Office 365
- said the project manager on the part of the customer company

As a result, the main needs of the customer were realized. Users have received a convenient, ergonomic system, with the possibility to use it from any workplace, with a transparent process of document approval and the possibility of their approval from the mail notification.

During the project, the following processes were implemented in the Customer’s system:

Purchasing Management
  • Procurement planning and budgeting
  • Creation and approval of purchase orders (investment, commodity, operating)
  • Pre-selection of suppliers
Client complaints
  • Receipt and compilation of complaints
  • Consideration of complaints
  • Reminders
Contracts management
  • Counterparties verification (white and black lists)
  • Management of the conclusion of standard and non-standard contracts
  • Preparation of documents package
  • Complex processing processes
Account and payment management
  • Placement and approval of purchase orders
  • Payment of advance payment
  • Preparing for shipment
  • Payment of orders
At the moment the development of the system continues and additional functionality is being implemented
2 000 people
total number of system users at the moment
150 people
daily number of unique users
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