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Robotic process automation

Automate your organization's workflows with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop
of organizations plan to increase spending on workflow automation in the near future
$2.2 billion
spent by companies on RPA software worldwide in 2020
of companies have already deployed, are piloting or testing RPA automation technology for their business
It's time to rethink automation
RPA solution Power Automate Desktop can help your business achieve more! Get up and running in no time - use design environments and recording tools that you can work with even without programming experience
Runs directly on your work computer
Allows you to automate cumbersome or repetitive processes
Provides the user with the ability to correct any errors as needed
Allow for user intervention when human intelligence is required for certain tasks
Workflows run in the background based on events and then can be run in the cloud at any time
Used to accelerate automation of repetitive tasks without the need for extra effort
Go from routine to automation with a single RPA solution
Free your employees from the most time-consuming routine tasks with Power Automate Desktop
Focus on more important tasks by training RPA bots in simple, repetitive, and manual operations
Provides the user with the ability to correct any errors as needed
Save time and add scalability to your solutions with Power Automate Desktop
Ease of use
Create automated workflows with step-by-step instructions and an intuitive interface. It requires no code writing or special technical skills
Fast implementation
Release scalable changes quickly while fully complying with all IT security requirements. Power Automate Desktop incorporates all Microsoft security technologies
Unlimited possibilities
Integrate other Microsoft products, connect new and old systems. Use partner connectors or create your own
Learn Power Automate Desktop skills
The workshops are conducted by our company's experts, who have extensive experience in developing and implementing solutions based on Microsoft technologies

Course program (1 day, 5 hours)

  • General concepts, terms, introductory information.
    General overview of the Microsoft Power Platform line of services.
    The basic principles of creating Power Automate Desktop threads.
    Installing and configuring the service
    Automate Desktop for creating RPA streams.
  • Studying the main action blocks of Power Automate Desktop.
    Setting up actions.
    Cycles and conditions.
    Flow variables.
    Types of variables and how to use them.
  • Examples of RPA streams.
    Creating streams using Web and Desktop recorder.
    Data processing and filling out Web forms.
    Extract data from Web forms.
  • Power Automate Desktop interface.
    Exploring the Power Automate Desktop thread editor.
    Basic buttons, menus, actions. Navigation Elements.
    Parameters and settings of RPA streams.
    Environments in Power Automate Desktop. Assigning and using environments.
  • General information about Power Automate Online.
    Using Power Automate Online to integrate with Power Automate Desktop.
    Ways to integrate.
For which industries is it relevant
Public Sector
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