30 July 2019
"At the same time" "Together" Automation of document flow and internal requests

The company "At the same time" is one of the fastest growing retailers in Russia. In 2017, the company set important business goals, such as reducing paper documents, standardizing and speeding up the process of preparing and harmonizing documents, reducing IT costs through independent development of the system, and reducing time-to-market.

MS SharePoint 2016 was chosen as the automation platform. However, in SharePoint there was not enough functionality for independent development of processes by business analysts without attracting developers. The company began to consider solutions that maximize the capabilities of SharePoint.

The company "At the same time" held an official competition in several stages. The choice focused on the ZPlatform solution developed by i-Sys Labs on Microsoft SharePoint technologies. ZPlatform includes a huge number of functions that extend the capabilities of SharePoint, which allows you to quickly develop flexible automated electronic document management systems. The ability of the customer to develop the system independently without the involvement of external contractors has become a key advantage that influenced the choice of ZPlatform.

During the project, the contractual activity of the company and the internal document flow were automated. The customer independently implements applications related to the main activity of the company. In this case, both teams of the Customer and the Contractor manage to conduct joint development in a single environment, which significantly saves time for testing and transferring changes.

“At the same time” is an interesting and fast-growing customer. For example, only in 2017, the company has grown several times. ZPlatform product allows the company to respond quickly to business requirements, making changes to existing business processes and automating new ones “very quickly”, attracting the Contractor only to solve truly complex tasks. We work in the same development environment together with the Contractor, essentially in the same team. This required the proper construction of the development process, documentation and implementation” - said Ivan Zuev, Director for Project Management of At the same time.

Labor costs: 1400 man-hours

Project duration: 4 months