30 July 2019
Pony express Automation of business processes based on ZPlatform

Pony Express has set itself important business objectives, such as reducing the volume of paper documents, bringing to common standards and speeding up the preparation and coordination of documents, reducing IT costs through independent development of the system.

The choice focused on the ZPlatform solution based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies. The ability of the customer to develop the system independently without the involvement of external contractors has become a key advantage that influenced the choice of ZPlatform.

During the project, office management, contractual activities of the company, the claim process and work with incoming and outgoing tenders, bids and much more were automated. Integration with MS Dynamics CRM was also required.

“Pony Express is a very large customer. The group of companies in Russia includes 60 branches and over 126 representative offices, which complicates any automation project. We have an interesting and rich experience of cooperation. The project required the proper construction of the process of developing, documenting and implementing the system, since the work was carried out in close cooperation with several business partners and counterparties that ensure integration with other systems - said Evgeny Mescheryakov, head of the SystemZ research and development department.

The whole process from analytics to putting most of the planned modules into operation took about a year. At the moment, the system is operated by several units and is developing dynamically, new functions and modules are being introduced.

“The competition really helped to determine the best contractor, because SystemZ fully met our expectations. As a result, already significant savings in time and money of our company. ZPlatform platform has a large number of settings and allows you to quickly create functionally complex solutions with a clear interface. Thanks to the entire SystemZ team for their operational assistance and quality work” - shared Andrei Tatatarchenko, project manager at Pony Express.