07 October 2020
"Sapsan" Group of Companies

The Sapsan group of companies, which is a part of the TOP of the 20 largest developers of suburban construction in the Moscow region, has completed a project to introduce an electronic document management system and a corporate portal.

​Sapsan has turned to SystemZ with the need to introduce an internal corporate portal and electronic document management system, including the coordination of contract documents and some applications.

The main objective of the project for the customer was to optimize the process of coordinating documents, automating work with applications, expense reports and other company documents.

The customer decided to build on replicated products: the ZDocs electronic document management system and the ZPlatform-based corporate portal.

The first stage of work consisted in setting up an organized structure by integrating with Active Directory, filling directories and routes, and launching processes that were suitable for the customer.

At the second stage, we carried out analytics and developed additional functionality for customer requirements in terms of working with contractual documents, requests for payment and advance reports. The system was integrated with other systems, in particular with the 1C system.

“The work in the main direction has been completed. The objectives of the project have been achieved. The advantage of the implemented system is the possibility of its adjustment and development without the help of developers. Due to this approach, the cost of development and support is reduced by at least 2 times, simple modifications take a couple of hours and are made by our specialists” - says Sergey Kalachev, Project Manager of the Sapsan Group of Companies.


Labor costs: 2000 hours

Project duration: 4 months