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New level of Enterprise Content Management
in SharePoint
Over 100 000 users
Used in more than 100 companies
Trusted by international brands
  • 1
    Guides and documents
  • 2
    Implementation methodology
  • 3
    Ready to Go-Live in 5 days
  • 1.
    Incoming and Outgoing correspondence
  • 2.
    Administrative documents and minutes of meetings
  • 3.
    Internal documents
  • 4.
    Agreements, annexes and powers of attorney
  • 5.
    Orders and tasks
  • 0 day
  • Setup environment
    1 day
  • Deploy ZDocs
    2 day
  • Add users to roles
    3 day
  • Define approval routes, Train users
    4 day
  • System is ready to go-live
    5 day
  • Get your profit
    6+ days

Best practices based on 8 years of experience in enterprise content management automation. Hundreds of implementCations in industry leading organizations.

We hear you. Over 100 new features were added according to the feedbacks of our customers without any investments from them.

Full document live cycle automation: from project to archive.
Docs can be easily customized by customer. 30% of our clients do all the pre-production activities themselves. 60% of our clients make changes to forms and workflows without asking for support from SYSTEMZ or it's partners.
Easy to operate
with documents and tasks
  • All out-of-the-box SharePoint document library features are supported: collaboration, versioning, version comparing, document templates
  • Whole document history available with one click
  • Commenting and discussioning
  • Related documents
Advanced document
approval features
  • Adding approvers on any approval stage
  • Requests for review
  • Approval cycle tracking
  • «Lazy approval» by email with the ability to view and comment the document without opening the system
Highly customizable
by business users
  • Add and modify both parallel and consecutive approval steps
  • Create document templates
  • Add new document types
  • Add new document forms and workflows without programming
More features
  • Review documents offline and make decisions by email
  • Protect documents using watermarks and QR-codes
  • Secure information with electronic signature
  • Use mobile app to operate with tasks and orders

Works stable with the amount of data, measured in tens of terabytes.

Built entirely on SharePoint API. Does not require special technical knowledge to customize. Can be integrated with external systems and data sources using native Microsoft SharePoint features.

ZDocs is based on the principle of the configuration, when 100% of business logic of the system is configured using the administration tools, without writing any code.

  • Workflows can be added or modified using ZFlow
  • Document and Task forms, views, permissions, templates and much more can be customized with ZForms
  • New types of documents can be created without development using ready-made tools

Reduced time and cost of adapting the business-logic to customer's requirements by 2.5 times

Reduced support costs by more than 2 times

Can be deployed on SharePoint Foundaiton