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Workflow designer for SharePoint
Ergonomic SharePoint solution which does not require highly paid professionals to install and use. The same operations are performed faster than ever: all the necessary information is available to user within a single click.
Workflow gallery
Navigate through your site and list workflows, manage workflows or view each workflow details and history in workflow gallery.
Browser-based workflow designer
Automate business processes using more than 100 configurable actions. Drag and drop actions from toolbox to a diagram to build a new workflow.
Powerful Assign Task action
Assign Task action designed to meet all workflow creator's needs. Support for both sequential and parallel task queues, completing tasks by email, task delegation, integration with ZForms and many more included features.
Productivity features
Tools for debugging, workflow and sequence level variables, ability to copy actions and sequences between workflows to increase productivity of building the workflows.
Compatible with ZForms
Run workflow buttons, custom task forms, workflow schedules, delegation — all the best features of ZForms are compatible with ZFlow.
Cost of the business process
is reduced 4 times*
Implementation speed
is increased 3 times*
* Comparing with custom development

The speed of updating of the workflows corresponds to the speed of market changes.

Regulation and transparency of execution of the business processes by staff.

Effective control of executive discipline and efficiency of employees.

Answers to questions
  • Who completed the task?
  • What exactly was done?
  • When the task was completed?
  • How long did it take to complete the task?
Effective automation
Improving the efficiency of each employee
Increasing business efficiency
Improving competitiveness