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Empowering your SharePoint

10 years of SharePoint development experience resulted in over 250 powerful extension features for SharePoint lists and document libraries.

Ease of use. No-code solutions of any complexity created with a few mouse clicks.

All SharePoint versions and editions supported (2010/2013/2016) including SharePoint Foundation.

Ergonomic SharePoint solution which does not require highly paid professionals to install and use. The same operations are performed faster than ever: all the necessary information is available to user within a single click.

The organizational chart based on administrative and legal structure of the companies, including holdings.

Appointing delegates to make ongoing decisions for people who are on vacation or business trip.

Document templates editor. Contract forms, approval lists, business trip reports, leave requests, etc.

Improved security with fine-grained configurable permissions for form fields, tasks, views, workflows and document generation based on user's functional role or unit.

E-signature and watermarks to protect sensitive information. QR-codes for better documents identification

ZForms is a new approach to implementation of SharePoint applications. 80% is done without programming. Development is only used for specific complex business cases and takes no more than 20% of the whole work.

Time and cost of implementing SharePoint applications is reduced by more than 2.5 times, due to the quick and easy customization without programming.

Qualified highly paid developers are focused on solving complex non-standard tasks. The most of automation tasks are performed by business analysts and domain experts.

Out-of-the-box SharePoint sites migration tool enables IT specialists to seamlessly transfer applications created with ZForms between development, testing and production environments. Release management process allows to reduce maintainance and support costs by more than 2 times.