SYSTEMZ Support Policy

SYSTEMZ LLC (hereinafter SYSTEMZ) provides the efficient product support that can help to get the maximum on investment in the SYSTEMZ Software Assurance support services.

The Software Assurance service provides your Company with the opportunities to get any updates or new versions of the licensed SYSTEMZ product. Such support you get across the various technical problems including the product installation and setup.

After the first license purchasing for any SYSTEMZ product the one-year Software Assurance technical support and maintenance is mandatory.

You pay the Software Assurance fee when you purchase the license for the SYSTEMZ product. SYSTEMZ can renew Software Assurance price annually.

Software Assurance advantages

The Software Assurance enables subscribers to get software updates including fixes, improvements and new versions of the licensed SYSTEMZ products, which Customers purchased.

SYSTEMZ Support Service

SYSTEMZ Support Service includes:
  • Resolving of SYSTEMZ software error incidents;
  • Providing the information and any recommendations on installation, configuration and resolving the problems with the SYSTEMZ software;
  • Providing the information and any recommendations on the configuration of the operating system and hosting for the optimal working and functions of the SYSTEMZ software.

All other Customer Support services (including but not limited to providing information and recommendation on usage, design, configuration or resolving the problems with the Microsoft software, third-party products or open source software based on XML, HTML/CSS, SharePoint, Active Directory, middleware, SQL-queries technologies and Databases compatibility) may be provided under the additional payment Contracts.

Working hours

Open hours of SYSTEMZ Support Service:
09:00 – 18:00 (GMT+3).

Access to SYSTEMZ Support Service

SYSTEMZ Support Service is available for Customers with a valid Software Assurance support agreement.
Please address requests to SYSTEMZ Support Service by e-mail:

SYSTEMZ Support Service consultants

Consultants of SYSTEMZ Support Service are members of the product development teams. They are available to resolve software error incidents, escalated from Customers.

Response time

SYSTEMZ Support Service provides the objective response during the working hours to all requests in accordance with the prioritization table (see below). “Objective response” means that the Support Service identified the root cause of the problem and provided a Customer with the plan of resolving. The actual resolving of the problem depends on its nature and on timely appliance of all necessary steps to resolve the problem on the Customer side. The response time specified in the table also means the expected time interval for reviewing and escalating the problem to the next level.
Priority Description Response time
1 – Critical The problem blocks the usage of SYSTEMZ software in production or limits its normal usage. You experience a total loss of efficiency that is important for business, and the situation is extreme. In cases where the failure extends beyond the functionality of SYSTEMZ product, you have made every effort to investigate the host system and identified that the SYSTEMZ product is the root cause of the problem. 8 hours
2 – High You are experiencing a serious loss of SYSTEMZ product performance. Important functions are not available, which leads to incorrect operation; however, operations may continue in a limited way. 16 hours
3 – Normal You experience an insignificant loss of SYSTEMZ product functions, which causes inconvenience in the work and requires the restoration of full functionality. 48 hours

Request information

The SYSTEM Support Service will treat as requests only the emails that include the following information:
  • Full description of the problem, including any actions that cause the problem;
  • Impact of a problem on doing business;
  • Version, edition, build numbers of all software components that function incorrectly. For example: SYSTEMZ products, Microsoft SharePoint products, Windows Server (including physical or virtual configuration), SQL Server, internet browser;
  • Any applicable syslog files (log files) that can help diagnose the problem;
  • Any applicable images (screenshots) that can help diagnose the problem;
General information such as your name, title, organization name and location must also accompany all support requests.

Request registration procedure

The automated system determines if the sender of the support request is a registered contact. If it finds the contact, it sends automated email response that includes the request number. Please leave the request number in the text of the emails.

Registered contacts

SYSTEMZ does not limit the number of customer contacts that can register, but it is strongly recommended that all user requests are directed to the first level of support. Due to the nature of SYSTEMZ software products, as the Microsoft SharePoint application, properly identifying problems, as opposed to supporting Microsoft, will require some technical expertise. If the required set of Support Service activities is outside the scope of Software Assurance rules, then you must enter into a separate maintenance contract for services (see “Terms of Use”).

Terms of Use

SYSTEMZ can review the Customer account on acceptable usage of Support Services to ensure that Support Services are available for all Customers in accordance with the expected level of service. Overuse of Support Services can be determined in case when the average number of Customer’s requests to Support Service greatly exceeds the capacity of services paid by such Customer in the relation to other Customers who use Support services as well.

The SYSTEMZ Support Manager may contact a Customer for which overuse of Support Services is determined. For such Customer the SYSTEMZ Support Manager can make recommendations regarding any internal support procedures, configuration, system maintenance and trainings or commit the registered SYSTEMZ Partner to provide the additional services.

If the Customer does not take into account the proposed arrangements and continues overusing of Support services, then the SYSTEMZ Support Manager may reconsider the next renewal of support to demand conversion to the full Support Services or conversion on the payment for each incident from such Customer.

Contract renewal dates synchronization

When a Customer with an existing Software Assurance Contract purchases the additional licenses, the new Contracts should be synchronized with the renewal dates of the existing Contracts.

The amount of payment for Support Services by the new Contract is calculated proportionally the remaining part of the Support Services period from the existing Contract.

Prohibition of partial usage

Software Assurance should cover all SYSTEMZ products licenses purchased by a Customer. Support Services termination for some part of the Customer’s licenses can take a place only in case of termination of the licenses using by the Customer. In such cases, the Customer must submit authorized notification about the termination of license using.

Prohibition of partial usage

Software Assurance should cover all SYSTEMZ products licenses purchased by a Customer. Support Services termination for some part of the Customer’s licenses can take a place only in case of termination of the licenses using by the Customer. In such case

Invalid period coverage

If the paid period of Software Assurance using has expired, then the Customer can renew the using of Support Services after the payment of Software Assurance for the last two unpaid years and for the current year.

Preferential renewal period

Support Services can be still available to the Customer for 30 days after the expiration of the paid period of Support Services using, and when no renewal payment was received. Such mentioned preferential period may be granted to a Customer at the discretion of SYSTEMZ and in accordance with valuation of the Customer’s honesty and intentions to pay for the renewal of Software Assurance. The preferential period does not change the coverage period or the price for the renewal of Support services.

Contribution for product upgrades

In the case of upgrading the existing license to a higher version or legitimate product replacement, the Customer should pay the difference between the cost of the old product version and the new version. Such payment difference is defined according to the prices of the price list, which is valid at the upgrade period, regardless of the price of the product at the initial payment period. The payment for the Software Assurance services upgrade is calculated in the same way and distributed proportionally over the remaining Contract period.

Additional benefits

Non-production licensing

Subscribers of Software Assurance are granted one license for non-production purposes for each purchased production license during the Support Services and maintenance Contract period.

Customer Consulting Support

SYSTEMZ offers Customers consulting support on the SYSTEMZ software usage. The provision of consulting support services depends on the availability of SYSTEMZ resources. The cost of consulting support services is defined by the rates, which are valid at the time of services ordering.