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Teams Assessment: improve the efficiency of Microsoft Teams usage

Project on analysis of infrastructure, software, business processes and changing approaches to working with information and communications
Business calls of our time
The current generation of employees, who have grown up with new technologies, expects modern approaches in their work. The way we interact with each other is becoming very important to increase employee loyalty and efficiency of the company as a whole. Employees of all ages prefer conciseness to standard bureaucratic approaches. Remote work and freelance are also becoming increasingly popular, which imposes even greater demands on market leaders to ensure effective interaction in a new paradigm.
Our solution
Teams Assessment helps you understand the current state of teamwork processes, compare them with business goals and determine the ideal image of the future. Explore how Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and other cloud solutions can help you achieve your business goals. Get a current roadmap for teamwork improvement. As a result, your employees, partners and partners will share information effectively, no matter where they work.
What's this for
Build a future image
by reviewing security, teamwork, meeting and meeting capabilities, and change management.
Create an action plan
to help you transform and prepare to take full advantage of key Microsoft applications.
Speed up digital transformation
by aligning your business opportunities with IT and organizational challenges.
Why the teamwork
Research shows that investing in teamwork is more effective than investing in the personal effectiveness of employees, and can bring significant benefits:
  • Increase team efficiency through file exchange between teams and real-time collaboration with documents.
  • More flexibility in organizing teams to address specific tasks and challenges.
  • Improved security as interaction moves to a single platform for teamwork.
  • Better knowledge sharing through unified platform-based communications.
For whom:
  • Top managers
  • Heads of HR, IT departments
  • Staff responsible for internal communications
  • Project Managers and Project Team Coordinators
  • Enterprise system architects
What are we focusing on:
  • Identification of key players in the communication process
  • Identifying communication problems
  • Defining typical communication and collaboration scenarios
  • Creating the image of ideal communications
  • Defining success criteria
Our approach
1. Preparation
  • Planning
  • Defining project boundaries
  • Defining the approach
2. Assessment
  • Executive workshops to identify business goals and priorities
  • TOP 3 scenarios
  • IT infrastructure assessments
3. Introduction
  • Workshops with a working group
  • Future Image Shaping Session
  • Business case prototyping
4. Report
  • Report preparation
  • Formulation of roadmap and recommendations
  • Defining the next steps
Software and infrastructure analysis, analysis of current processes
  • Getting to know each other, making a meeting plan
  • Collection and analysis of information on infrastructure, staff communication tools and additional software
  • Collection of documents and study of organizational structure
  • Interviewing key users
  • Preparation of meeting notes
  • Identifying and prioritizing interaction scenarios
  • Identifying problems and inconsistencies in scenarios
  • Best practice case analysis and scripting demonstrations in Microsoft Teams
  • Shaping the image of future communications in different scenarios
  • Mapping an optimized environment based on collected data and business tasks
Roadmap development and evaluation
  • Building roadmap to introduce changes in infrastructure, software and processes
  • Project implementation and risk assessment
  • Alignment with BDM roadmap and change concepts
  • Formation of technical and commercial proposal for implementation of changes
Who we are
A team of professional business analysts with more than 200 projects of optimization and automation of business processes, and Microsoft certified specialists in technologies and methodologies of solution implementation

SystemZ is a leading company in the development of high-tech custom and replicable software since 2001. Our development centers are located in Samara, Togliatti and Orenburg.

SystemZ has extensive experience in projects using SharePoint and Office 365 technologies. Among our clients are large companies from 2000 people such as 4Finance, Sanofi, Bank Zenit, UCL Holding and others.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and a multiple winner of Microsoft Partner Awards in Russia in various categories.

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