/ Remote work in Teams

Remote work with Microsoft Teams

Transferring a company to remote work
while maintaining employee efficiency and without financial costs

How to transfer employees to remote work?

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

How to ensure effective work of employees from home?

Now almost every head of the company asks these questions.

It is the effective organization of remote work that will allow the business to continue its work without losing productivity, as well as protect the health of employees and minimize the spread of the virus.

We offer a simple and convenient solution - Microsoft Teams!

Team and personal chats. Calls and meetings. File sharing. Secure access from any device

Special offer.

Access to Microsoft Teams for 6 months for companies with up to 1000 employees for free

Implementation, training and transfer of your employees to remote work in a matter of hours.

Microsoft Teams is a teamwork platform that enables small, medium, and large enterprises to remotely perform many important business tasks.
Why Teams not Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp or other messengers
Staff availabilityAll company employees are available in one click. No need to search for contacts to contact
Concentration of attentionThere is no distraction for private messages when working with Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber. More concentrated work
Quick information searchThere is no need to recall in which channels he wrote to a person at work. All messages and files in one place
Worklife balanceAbility to set time alerts for work and personal tools. Managing your own time and efficiency
Privacy and securityTransfer messages and files within a single, controlled, corporate communications environment. Secure file storage and controlled access to information
Microsoft Teams
Personal, group and team chats. Be always in touch, quickly find colleagues and contact them
Plan meetings and gatherings with your colleagues, partners, and clients. Hold a meeting in video conferencing mode. Save and share meeting records
Create and co-edit files in web versions of office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
Get 2GB for storing personal files and up to 10GB for storing team files. Easy file access control

Try Microsoft Teams



  • Efficiency and speed of communications
  • Convenience of working with files
  • All services in one place


  • Work 24/7 for companies with up to 1000 employees
  • Access to the full version of Microsoft Teams without functional limitations
  • No bank cards, details required. No write-offs
  • Using Microsoft Teams is possible without buying a license


  • Communication and correspondence are structured and organized in teams by topic
  • Communication among employees in any variant: chats, messages, audio and video calls, conference calls, network meetings
  • The most important contacts and chats are fixed and sorted according to the importance and urgency of the tasks
  • All correspondence history and important information is stored, categorized and protected from leaks and losses
  • The information you need is easily found thanks to smart search by people and keywords. Search is possible both in messages and inside files
  • Information about the person (contacts, place in the organizational structure) is available quickly and clearly, which allows you to understand what task the employee solves
  • The meeting recording is uploaded to the Stream corporate video portal and is available by default only to internal meeting participants
Microsoft Teams scripts and features
Quickly contact a colleague You do not need to look for contacts of colleagues, to agree on the choice of an acceptable to all messenger. Simply start typing @ Employee Name into your search and you can send messages directly from the search or go to your dialog
Teamwork Teams unite in themselves people, the content and means relating to various projects or results in the organization. The team is designed to bring together a group of people who work closely with each other to complete assigned tasks. Teams can be created for specific projects (for example, launching a new product or creating a project management center) or exist on an ongoing basis, reflecting the internal structure of the organization (for example, by departments or location of offices). Conversations, files and notes in channels are visible only to team members
Document collaboration Teams makes it easy to share and collaborate on files. If you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio files, you can view, edit and collaborate on them directly in Teams. At the same time, other users will see all the changes that happened to the document and its authors
Meetings Instantly switch from group chat to video conferencing with the click of a button. Organize meetings for 10 or 10.000 people, regardless of the size of your meeting room. Show screen and record your meetings
Task Management Get rid of the confusion associated with group work and increase your productivity. With a planner, your team will be easier to plan, organize and distribute tasks, share files, discuss ongoing tasks, and monitor task progress. With the planner, you'll always be in the know: Participants are notified via email every time they are assigned a new task or added to a conversation
Access to documents Quick search for information and files, access control
Prompt information Use announcements to alert the team quickly about important changes. Microsoft Teams ads can be broadcast in several channels at once. Teams has an option to disable comments on the notification if necessary. You can also set up prompt notification of employees using the chat-bot
Online Training A special version of Microsoft Teams and One Note for teachers allows students, teachers and school staff to collaborate comfortably, create content and share resources. Create interesting tasks, provide clear instructions and give full feedback. Assign tasks and track grades directly in the class workgroup
Company Services You can receive the company's services in a convenient way for you - without leaving the Microsoft Teams application. Simply add popular services to your team tabs. Part of the services related to the processing of applications, coordination of requests and documents can also be assigned to a chat-bot
Control of staff time When organizing remote work, it is very important not only to control the employee’s execution of tasks, but also the time spent on the project. Use PowerApps or ZForms to create a timeshit form. Chatbot can remind an employee to note the time spent on a project
Data Loss Prevention: The advantage of Microsoft Teams is that you can flexibly configure different policies and templates to prevent information leaks when users exchange messages
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