/ Practical Power Platform workshops

Practical workshops on business process automation based on Microsoft Power Platform

Tailor-made practical workshops for corporate customers that allow them to practice skills of automating business processes based on Microsoft products in a pre-selected scenario:
Power Apps
Power Automate
Power BI
Convenient format for your choice:
On-line at Teams
Off-line at the customer's premises
* requires an additional assessment of travel costs
What are we gonna do:
During the lessons we will go through the stages of creating an application according to a scenario and level of complexity chosen by the customer. Practical tasks can be solved both in the performer's tent and the customer's tent (by prior agreement).
The format of classes - practical laboratory work. You will need a laptop or PC connected to the Internet, Office 365 and PowerBI licenses for training cases on your infrastructure.
For whom:
  • SharePoint specialists
  • Engineers of structural units
  • Heads of automation departments
  • Communications System administrators
  • Business analysts and consultants
Improve skills:
  • Create internal applications without using programming
  • Automation of internal processes
  • Systems Administration
The complexity levels of the workshops:
BASIC 1/4 level
For entry-level specialists. Acquaintance with the technology and implementation of their first on process automation.
  • Create a list of "Requests for payment" in SharePoint Online
  • Create a Power Apps form. Create a Power Automate approval stream with the task assigned to the manager. Create a report on Power BI
ADVANCED 2/4 level
For specialists who have basic skills in SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps. At the workshop we will have an in-depth practice on creating applications with branched logic and process automation.
  • Creating the list structure of the "Travel requests" module (main list, directories, tabular parts) in SharePoint Online
  • Power Apps form creation
  • Creation of an approval stream with the receipt of approvals from the handbook
  • Power BI report creation
  • Creating a Power Apps mobile app
PRO 3/4 level
Automation of the process on your data. Together we will create a prototype of an automated internal process, taking into account the various regulations of your company.
  • Creation of HelpDesk system list structure in SharePoint Online
  • Creation of a Power Automate stream for receiving incoming mail, prioritizing and responsible mail and automatically creating tickets in the HelpDesk structure
  • Power Apps form creation
  • Create Power Automate threads to change the ticket state and send notifications to the applicant
  • Creating a Power Automate stream to pass a ticket to an SQL Server table
  • Connecting the created module to the Teams command
  • Creating a mobile app
  • Creating Power BI report and embedding it on the home page
CUSTOM 4/4 level
Carrying out of training by order of the Customer.
  • Job Analysis from the Customer
  • Determining the possibility of training in the customer's infrastructure
  • Preparation of infrastructure and training for the PRO level program
  • Creation of a training scenario based on the customer's assignment
  • Gaining administrator access
  • It is possible to conduct a series of workshops at the customer's premises
  • Coordination of the training scenario with the Customer
  • Access check
How the skills learned are applied
LEGO® - closes PowerApp's quality process management tasks. Implemented in the quality department. Before implementation, proprietary proprietary application and Excel were used to collect incoming requests for complete sets. With the transition to PowerApp's it was possible to solve the following problems: the presence of errors in entering data into Excel (different departments work simultaneously in one file), built the process of visibility of the transition of requests to the next stages, there was confusion and loss of time in situations where a large number of requests were opened, it was impossible to get an informative report on the work of the quality department on the time of closure and the number of closed requests. PowerApp's unified, automated and led to uniformity in the work of all departments with the quality department, it became possible to analyze where and at what time (under what conditions) a large number of complaints arise. The application became available on the smart phones of all employees of related departments, which improved the quality of case processing by reducing the speed of filing applications and confusion in processing.
Metro Bank
Metro Bank - is the oldest bank in England, which was tasked with improving the quality of communication with VIP clients. Before the solution was developed, the bank's clients were waiting in line and had no idea when a specialist would be available. When a specialist was freed, it took time to search for a client in the database, which caused general irritation of clients. The introduction of PowerApp's and integration with the bank's internal CRM enabled the bank's customers to display information about the specialist's waiting time, as well as to receive an SMS message about the free employee if the bank's customer decided to leave on business.
Reliable Electric
Reliable Electric - the company specializes in the design and installation of electrical equipment in homes. For formation of the commercial offer it is required to analyze drawings and on their basis to make the specification from tens/hundreds positions. Before PowerApp's specialized software on DeskTop was used and it was difficult to present more convenient variant. But process of preparation of the commercial offer occupies still a lot of time from drawing up of drawings before understanding of the final specification, plus a case when the customer asks calculation on several variants is most spent on time and is not welcomed in the company. Always for specification preparation Excel was used. After introduction of calculation of specifications on the basis of Power App's the settlement department has received DeskTop the application with forms and materials prepared under their kind of business. The form is attached to the project and is the source for obtaining the specification.
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