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Change management when implementing Office 365 & Teams-based solutions for teamwork

The introduction of new technologies for teamwork and employee interaction requires not only technical changes, but also changes in working habits and behavior. People are tired of changes and therefore resist any innovation.
More than 60% of projects are not implemented on time and within budget
More than 80% of projects face resistance from employees
Employees are beginning to use other teamwork and communication tools that are not controlled by internal IT and security
Analysis and technical implementation
The project management methodology ensures the efficiency of the technical phase of the project
Staff changes
Training, launching and support of users
The change management methodology will ensure the effectiveness of the second phase
Why change management is important:
  • Employees do not change automatically, they need to be
    supported along the way
  • Change management enables employees to increase their competencies and change their work habits
  • Change management
    increases project success 30%
  • Reduces project risks by 25%
Change management allows:
  • Provide the main sponsor with the tools to effectively implement changes
  • Provide support for line managers in communications with their employees
  • Ensure a high level of awareness about the project progress and planned changes
  • Ensure a high level of involvement of key employees at all stages of the project
  • Provide quality training and support to employees during project implementation
  • Ensure measures to combat employee objections and resistance
Key aspects of successful Office 365 & Teams
implementation projects
Providing training sessions for end users
Office 365 & Teams implementation
Understand the vision and define scenarios for using Office 365 & Teams
Staff awareness
Increased awareness of staff through e-mail, portal announcements, information text and video materials, etc.
Receive active support from senior management to support the use of Office 365 & Teams
Stages of change management
Duration: 12 weeks
Research and evaluation
Conduct an assessment to identify business objectives and key sponsors
  • Assessment of the current level
    of readiness for change
  • Business analysis, definition
    of key goals and objectives of the project
  • Identification of stakeholders
Strategy development
Defining a change management strategy to achieve the planned result
  • Identifying sponsors
    and the champion team
  • Developing a measurable
  • Developing communication,
    learning and consolidation plans
  • Employee behaviour
    change plan
Implementation support
Support for change management strategy implementation by the customer
  • Execution of the
    information campaign
  • Creating dashboards
    for technology use analysis
  • Training of trainers
    for managers
  • Conduct remote
    and face-to-face training
    for end users
Analysis of results achieved
Preparation of reports to demonstrate the impact on business objectives and analyse the current situation and opportunities
  • Conduct pre- and
    post-training surveys
  • Analysis of success indicators
    and current technology
    implementation/invasion strategy
  • Definition of regular
    project "health" metrics
  • Continuous learning
Application of advanced methodologies and tools for change management (PROSCI)
Interviews and specialized surveys of key employees to determine the level of readiness for change and to build a project plan
Adaptation to industry-specific scenarios of the customer
Ongoing work with key users in workshop format
Application of design-industry practices for planning technology use and change scenarios
Deep integration of project approach and change management to achieve maximum results
Why SystemZ
  • Availability of certified Change Management specialists as well as specialists who have completed Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist training course
  • Over 8 years of expertise in business process survey and reengineering
  • More than 10 years of experience with C-level managers in implementation of solutions
  • Involvement of high-level managers in change management projects, which allows speaking the same language with BDMs.
  • Over 1000 hours of training and support for users when implementing Office 365 & Teams solutions.
  • Deep technological expertise for Office 365 & Teams
About us
A team of professional business analysts with more than 200 projects of optimization and automation of business processes, and Microsoft certified specialists in technologies and methodologies of solution implementation

SystemZ is a leading company in the development of high-tech custom and replicable software since 2001. Our development centers are located in Samara, Togliatti and Orenburg.

SystemZ has extensive experience in projects using SharePoint and Office 365 technologies. Among our clients are large companies from 2000 people such as 4Finance, Sanofi, Bank Zenit, UCL Holding and others.

We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and a multiple winner of Microsoft Partner Awards in Russia in various categories.

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