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Message Reminder

Setting reminders for received messages in Microsoft Teams

The change in communication culture has made Teams a tool for task setting by transferring up to 40% of communications from the mail.

Failure to complete a task on time, delaying a document review or answering a question late can result in financial losses.

Message Reminder allows you to remember to reply to a message, perform a task set in Teams, prepare or edit a document.

Just set a reminder for the required date and time on the message and receive a notification to Teams at the appointed time.

Managing reminders in Teams is as convenient as in Outlook
Message Reminder features
Setting a reminder on any message in a team or private chat with the date and time of the reminder
Receive a reminder in Teams on your computer or mobile phone with a link to the original message
View all installed reminders in one window
How does it work?
Benefits of Message Reminder
Setting a reminder in two clicks
No additional systems are required. All reminders in one interface
Management of created reminders in a separate window (change, delete)
Switch to the original message from the reminder to the management form
With Message Reminder you will never forget to provide an answer or complete a task.
Available versions *
No more than 3 simultaneous notifications
No limit on the number of notices with an annual user rate
* Currently, due to limitations of the mobile version of Teams Message Reminder is available only for desktop and web versions.