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Power Platform Consulting

Get support from Microsoft Power Platform
experts to speed up automation and improve the quality of your solutions
Systemz experts
will help direct your employees in the right direction, develop better solutions, minimize errors and reduce automation costs by 30%
Savings on expensive specialists up to 50% of salary
Why do you need
technical support
  • Using best practices of Power Platform application development developed as a result of projects for dozens of customers
  • Save up to 20% of development time by providing the right technical solutions and no need to make changes
  • Improving the quality of solutions by creating the right architecture and technical solutions
Technical support
  • Collaborative solution architecture development
  • Analysis of the implemented solution and development of recommendations
  • Help in developing complex functionality
  • Help with technical problems
  • Training of staff
We'll tell you
how it works
  • Ability to schedule an online call with a consultant to work through questions
  • Ability to receive prompt answers by e-mail or via Teams
  • Ability to send the terms of reference for analysis and get the architecture worked out
What will your company
get as a result
  • The ability to quickly replenish lost competences in the event of an employee leaving the company or staff expansion
  • The ability to maintain and enhance expertise within the company
  • The ability to scale automation effectively for the entire company
  • Recommendations on alternative possibilities for circumventing the technical limitations present in Microsoft Power Platform
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Cost of consultants services
Hourly consultant rate without reserve hours with billing monthly
70 $
Package offers
Up to 20 hours
66 $
Up to 30 hours
64 $
Up to 40 hours
62 $
40 hours
Why us
Accumulated expertise in working with the platform from the beginning of its market launch
Over 300 hours of training on the platform
We are trusted by the largest Russian and international companies such as ABBYY, Borjomi, Sanofi, Bank Zenit, UCL Holding and others
We are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner
Our achievements in numbers
20 years
software implementation and development experience
completed projects in Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
highly qualified and experienced specialists
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