Digital HR

Automate HR processes in your company to free HR resources
from routine tasks and direct them to strategic tasks
Who's it suitable for?
For companies of any size, including small of 30 employees as well as large geographically dispersed companies.

What gives automation of HR processes?

faster recruitment
reduction in time spent on personnel processes
the time to process standard messages from employees
transparency in all processes and employee efficiency
Benefits of HR Process Automation
For Business
  • Management control of the current situation on demand
  • Saving budgets by relieving the HR department of routine work
  • Accelerate adaptation of new employees
  • Increasing motivation and reducing staff turnover
  • HR Director moves to strategic partner status
  • Automation of the company forms the image of an advanced company in the labor market
For IT
  • Setting up new processes in hours, not months
  • Tune in the processes to your own experts
  • Reduction of support costs by 50%
  • A cloud solution that does not require infrastructure costs
  • Deployment without the need for on-premises deployment
+ Additional benefits of HR process automation
No capital costs, subscription fees per user
Savings on infrastructure up to 20% of standard project budget
All online document collaboration tools "in the box"
All documents in one place
What processes can our platform automate?
  • Primary screening of responses
  • Booking meetings with applicants
  • Closing model questions from candidates
  • Adaptation Programme
  • Testing of candidates
  • Own CV database with comments and notes
  • Presentation of the company for each applicant
HR administration
  • Time tracking
  • Recruitment/firing of staff
  • Making a business trip from creating an application to booking a hotel
  • Ordering inquiries
  • Changing the staff schedule
  • Vacation accounting
Internal communications
  • Surveys of employees
  • Corporate Messenger
  • Notifications and news
  • Pass applications
  • Organizational structure (hierarchical structure) of the company online
Attestation and assessment of employees
  • Knowledge Base
  • Regular staff assessment and certification system
Working Principle
Built on ZForms and ZFlow, which provides 90% implementation of logic without code and JS
Integration with the ZChatBot, which provides information and coordination of documents in Teams
Ability to work through one window in Teams
Using all the features of SharePoint Online and Teams to search for documents
Ability to integrate with 1C or other personnel system
Works on any devices and in any browsers