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Systemz Flow
for SharePoint On-Premise

Workflow designer for setting up business processes on SharePoint On-Premise
without involving IT specialists
Systemz Flow benefits
Easy to use
Drag-and-drop functions on the toolbar allows you to create new business processes with just a few clicks
Over 50 turnkey custom function blocks for building workflow logic
Instantly displayed order and sequence of procedures and operations within the framework of the designed or described business process
Product installation takes on average no more than 5-10 minutes
Continue workflow where you left off which helps save up to 50% of the time to create and debug
Receive information and make operational decisions using familiar tools (desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone)
Basic functionality
Workflow processes support on lists, document, libraries, and tasks

Automate life-cycle of not only document, but each individual attachment or document-related task. For example, you can specify the condition that a document approval cannot be completed until completion of all related tasks.

Workflow processes support at the site level

Implement business processes that require mass document or task processing. For example, send notifications to performers regarding all overdue tasks.

Processes AutoRun when saving items

Implement event scripts in business processes. For example, when creating an incoming document, automatically create an outgoing response.

Assignment of various types of tasks

Within while executing a business process to both individual employees and groups, following a specific criteria.

Customizable reminders and notifications

that can be send to the owners and performers of business processes via e-mail, Skype, and even as an SMS on the mobile phone.

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Why Systemz Flow
Reduced labor costs for setting up business processes
Reduced the cost of setting up business processes
Reduced time-to-market
Reduced total ownership and technical support cost
6 months
Average pay-off period
Artyom Kuznetsov
Artyom Kuznetsov
ELEMAAR, director
As part of the company's digital transformation, we were assigned the global task of reducing time-to-market by at least half. We have already bought Office 365 and were looking for a solution that would simplify the development in Microsoft SharePoint Online, while having no limits on the number of business processes. Such solution became Systemz Flow product with the help of which we automate business processes by forces of our business analysts, having fulfilled the task of management on reduction of terms of introduction.
Ruslana Druzeva
Ruslana Druzeva
We were faced with the task of automating the procedure of registration of business trips in the company. In the course of selecting a contractor we faced the fact that few solution providers speak the language of the business, thinking in the categories of "implementation time", "project cost", ROI, "adaptation of personnel to the new solution". I needed people who cared. Thanks to our colleagues from SystemZ, we completed the project on time and within the budget we had planned, and the process of transition to an automated system took our users no more than one month.
Project Manager
Project Manager
Large pharmaceutical company
We faced a rather complex task of automation of events. The special complexity consists in the fact that their number is counted in thousands, and we spend them in different cities. In addition, there was a question of ensuring the exchange of data on these events, and we had to integrate with more than 10 systems. SystemZ took up this task by offering us their solution. Since implementation, we have achieved savings of several tens of millions of dollars per year, i.e. the cost of the software solution has already paid off in the first month.
Alexey Sokhin
Alexey Sokhin
ERG, Director of IT Implementation and Development
We've been using Systemz Flow for two years - it's okay. Thanks to the guys from SystemZ team for the technical support service - we can solve not only consulting tasks, but also tasks related to small improvements in business processes. This approach greatly simplifies our development of new features when it is necessary to do it urgently.
Aziz Kabyshev
Aziz Kabyshev
Expert on Microsoft SharePoint (Kazakhstan)
I found a tool that made automation fascinating and accessible as a mosaic game or Lego constructor. My colleagues from SystemZ conducted training and helped me to quickly understand the product. Automation takes much less time and requires much less investment than similar tasks, but without using a platform.
Andrey Lukin
Andrey Lukin
BANK ZENIT, project manager
The main requirement of our company was the compliance of the system with information security standards, since some of the documents stored in it are confidential. Systemz specialists have implemented the possibility of applying digital signature for signing and encrypting documents. To ensure security, Systemz Platform solutions were integrated with Azure RMS, which allows access to confidential documents from any device only for employees with relevant rights and eliminates unauthorized document transfer.
Denis Lobashev
Denis Lobashev
UCL HOLDING, head of corporate projects department
Our company has been using electronic document management system built with Systemz Platform for over 6 years. During its operation, our company has significantly reduced the time of document processing, as well as labor costs to search and prepare the necessary information. Last year we upgraded to the latest version of the platform. The new version has pleased us with a huge number of new features and capabilities. We were especially pleased with more convenient and functional work with tasks, the hierarchy of tasks and new fields. It's great that our colleagues are developing new interesting functionality every year.
Ivan Zuev
Ivan Zuev
Our project is not a standard one. In addition to standard workflow processes, colleagues from SystemZ have also implemented the archive module and a number of supporting business processes, such as applications for passes, business trips, vacations, HR and much more. Thanks to this, the central office, which is located in Italy, can fully control the document flow of the company, distributed in ten countries. As a result, we have a working system, which we continue to develop through our technical support.
Eugene Ishchenkov
Eugene Ishchenkov
I've been working with Systemz for over 8 years. At the same time I managed to visit 4 companies as a customer, automate over 200 business processes using Systemz Plarform and implement 4 large ecosystems based on Microsoft SharePoint. I can say that Systemz Platform is one of the most functional platforms for solving tasks on Microsoft SharePoint.
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