/ Adaptation of employees using chat bots in Microsoft Teams

Employee Onboarding using chat bots in Microsoft Teams

Make the employee adaptation process more convenient, effective and successful
We reduce the time to adapt employees and reduce the burden on managers and HR
Successful adaptation avoids search and training costs for new employees
Positively affects the external and internal image of the company
The speed of adaptation depends on how quickly an employee starts to make a profit for the company
Why the adaptation of employees is important
Of the employees who quit in the first 6 months after entering the job, 80% made this decision in the first 2 weeks at the new location, i.e. during the adaptation period
The main reasons for the resignation of the employee
on his or her own initiative after the adaptation period
Poor contact with the manager
Defrauded expectations (salary, working conditions, responsibilities)
Realized they were working in the wrong place
Another corporate culture (not embedded in the team)
Key components of successful adaptation:
  • Regular contact with the line manager and providing feedback.
  • Prompt provision of information and solving organizational issues
  • Quality education
  • Prompt feedback from the employee and response
  • Involvement in the social life of the company
What typical problems are solved by the automation of adaptation:
Problem 1
  • The manager is not included in the adaptation process
  • Solution: manager's checklist and reminders
  • Control of check-list tasks execution by HR specialist
Problem 2
  • The manager incorrectly sets tasks and does not perform intermediate control
  • Solution: receiving feedback from a newcomer via task-specific questionnaires
Problem 3
  • The manager does not provide feedback to the newcomer and the HR department
  • Solution: sending and reminders for feedback through questionnaires and face-to-face meetings
  • Conducting a feedback analyst
Problem 4
  • Difficulties of adaptation of the new employee in the team
  • Solution: regular feedback through surveys; regular communication of the adaptation manager with the employee
  • Feedback questionnaire analyst
How it works
For a new employee
  • After the new employee took up his job, he is welcomed by the chat-bot in Teams, which will be his personal adaptation assistant
  • Chat-bot will answer organizational questions, tell you how to get a social package, how to get a pass, where the dining room and much more
  • The Chat Bot will remind you of the need to take surveys at different stages of adaptation
  • The chat-bot will show you the schedule of mandatory training and excursion activities and remind you of your visit
  • With the help of chat-bot it will be possible to order the necessary references, office supplies, apply for a workplace, access to information systems and much more
  • Chat Bot will ask about the mood and send information to the manager
For the line manager or the buddy
  • The personal assistant (chat-bot) will inform about the new employee, show the check-list of the main steps
  • Chat-bot will remind you of personal meetings
  • The chat-bot will send a feedback form and remind you to fill in
  • The chat-bot will inform about the employee's mood and give recommendations about the meeting
  • The chat-bot will allow to coordinate requests from an employee
  • The chat-bot will answer questions about the adaptation process and the tasks of the manager and the buddy
For an adaptation specialist and HR
  • Possibility to adjust the process of adaptation: schedule of training and excursions, dates of sending feedback questionnaires, terms of personal meetings
  • Possibility to customize the feedback questionnaires
  • Possibility to analyze feedback questionnaires
  • Minimize the time spent on answering employees' questions by mail, in Teams or in person
  • Analytics of employee feedback questionnaires
  • Ability to fill the database of frequently asked questions
Steps of project implementation:
1-3 weeks
  • Collection and analysis of information on the current process of adaptation, knowledge base for frequently asked questions
  • Interviewing responsible employees
  • Preparation of functional requirements for process implementation
Deployment and setup
2-10 weeks
  • Deployment of the solution in the infrastructure of the customer or provision as a service
  • Setting up the organizational structure
  • Integration with internal systems (if necessary)
  • Setting up the adaptation process: basic steps, surveys, reports and analytics
Preparation, training and launch
1-2 weeks
  • Providing access to employees
  • Training of key specialists
  • Launch and support
Terms and cost
Terms of project implementation:
1 - 3 months
(depending on process availability)
The cost of the project:
0,5 - 1,5 million rubles
Payback period of the project:
3-6 months
Why SystemZ:
  • Availability of successful experience in implementing adaptation processes in large companies
  • Knowledge in the field of Change Management, providing a high probability of successful project launch, availability of specialists who have completed the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist training course
  • Availability of ready-made solutions for chat bots, including in the adaptation of employees
  • More than 10 years of experience with C-level managers in implementing solutions
  • Experience of implementation in retail
  • More than 8 years of expertise in business process survey and reengineering
  • More than 1000 hours of training and support for users when implementing solutions based on Office 365 and Teams
  • Deep technological expertise on Office 365 and Teams
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