/ Digital business transformation

Training-strategic session
«Digital business transformation»

is a theoretical and practical workshop in the format of a strategic session, helping the organization to find new ideas to accelerate the transformation of business using modern technologies
Training Objectives
Identify key areas of multiple business growth and efficiency in the current business model using modern technologies and solutions
Joint creation of new product lines: scenarios leading to new customer opportunities
Forming the vision of new business models
Get a fresh perspective on business
Inspire top management to change
The training is conducted using a unique methodology
based on methodologies:
DigitalTransformationAssessment from Microsoft
DesignThinking and foresight and strategy session methodology
6 hours
theory and cases
6 hours
practical group work with facilitators
Training Basics
The training is based on the model of assessment of digital maturity of the company, modern approaches to project and change management and consideration of transformation opportunities from 4 sides with consideration of real industrial cases:
Customer interaction
Staff efficiency
Optimization of production operations
New business models
For whom
  • Top managers of small and medium-sized companies
  • Mid-level managers of large companies
  • Representatives of marketing and sales departments
  • Representatives of financial departments
  • Employees involved in digital transformation projects
For what
Build a future image by reviewing technology trends, cases, and team foresight session
Launch the Digital Change Pipeline: by applying modern project management and change management approaches
Create an action plan focusing on the opportunities of modern technologies and priorities for business
Speed up digital transformation by aligning business opportunities and challenges for IT and the organization as a whole
What are we focusing on
  • Identification of problem points in each direction
  • Identifying priority areas for business transformation
  • Defining the vision of the future
  • Defining the criteria for successful transformation
  • Formation of roadmap of transformation projects
Want to see the program?
How's the training going
2 hours
  • Contemporary challenges and the role of IT
  • Digital economy and digital companies
  • Assessing the Digital Maturity of Companies
  • Basics of Digital Transformation
2 hours
Practice (group work)
  • Assessment of the current level of digital maturity of the company
  • Barriers and obstacles to transition to a new level of maturity (constraints)
  • Key business issues that need to be addressed and prioritized
  • Forming an image of the future. Foresight Session
2 hours
Theory and Cases
  • Digital transformation: clients
  • Digital transformation: people
  • Digital transformation: operational processes
  • Digital transformation: business models
2 hours
Practice (group work)
  • Maturity level assessment for each direction
  • Generating ideas for improvement in each area
  • Priority of ideas
  • Evaluation of ideas by the influence/realizability method
2 hours
  • Modern approaches to project management
  • Modern approaches to change management
  • Conclusion. Tomorrow's digital technology.
2 hours
Practice (group work)
  • Preparation of project and change management plans
  • Preparation of digital change roadmap
  • Protection of project initiatives
  • Reflexion and planning the next steps
Who conducts the training?
Yulia Erina
  • Microsoft MVP
  • commercial Director
  • expert in business process automation and business analysis
  • the speaker of the largest events in analytics
  • specialist in design-industry and Inclusive transformation framework
Sergey Tulpin
  • project Team Coordinator
  • project management expert
  • strategy and Change Architect
  • tracker and Mentor in various accelerators.
  • leader and administrator of the "IT for Innovation" expert community