/ Backing up data from Teams

Backing up data from Teams
to keep your data safe

We ensure the safety of correspondence in chats and channels in local storage with the possibility of recovery in the new Teams tenant or its Russian counterparts.

From the first Teams developers in Russia

Completion of work up to 1 week

Backing up from Teams helps you save:
  • channels
  • teams
  • all correspondence and discussions
  • the entire history of group chats
  • documents from chats
Backing up from Teams removes the risks:
  • Unable to renew Microsoft licenses
  • Loss of correspondence and historical data
In the domestic software market, there are many solutions for transferring data from SharePoint or OneDrive, but there are no ready-made tools for transferring correspondence to Teams. That's why our team has created a tool so that Russian companies can transfer their data from Teams without loss
For whom?

For all companies that use Microsoft Teams and want to reduce the risk of data loss

Suitable for companies and organizations of any size

For companies unable to purchase new or renew existing Microsoft Teams licenses

What does it give?
  • Preservation of the familiar structure of commands and chats
  • Saving all data from correspondence and chats
  • Eliminate labor costs for manual data transfer
Safety of data copying and guaranteed confidentiality of correspondence, since the download process is controlled by the customer's system administrator or can be performed by the customer independently
Stages of work
  • Audit current content in Teams
  • Selecting content to copy
  • Uploading data to local storage
Options for copying data from Teams:
  • Saving to a local archive
  • Move copied data from Teams to a new tenant
  • Transferring copied data to another messenger (Squadus, VK Teams, etc.)
  • One-time copy
  • Regular copy
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