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Offload your services from repetitive requests with a virtual assistant in

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According to the Fortune 500 CIO survey, more than 50% of the company's respondents named the introduction of chat bots in 2020-2021 as one of the key areas of improving employee efficiency and introducing artificial intelligence to solve daily tasks.
It is known that:
Most of the questions that come to the IT and HR service are standard and can be closed by the chatbot
85% of employees lose at least 1-2 hours of productivity per week searching for information
You think that a chatbot is:
  • an assistant who answers your questions?
  • or that is just a tool for customer engagement?
Our solution will change the classic idea of chatbots
Systemz ChatBot for Teams - four tools
for your employees to work daily in one interface
Frequently Asked Questions Consultant and Adaptation Assistant

Unload your HR, Accounting, or Administration department from the constant distraction of employee questions.

Chat Bot will also be an excellent adaptation tool for new employees, which will help accelerate the adaptation and involvement of employees.

A channel for informing employees about events in various information systems

The feed of any company's events in Teams is familiar to social networks.

Replace your corporate portal and work email with a single information interface available to your employees on computers and mobile phones.

Single window for quick decision making

A single interface for document reconciliation, job execution from different systems (SAP, 1C or any other corporate system).

Familiarization with documents, coordination of HR applications (selection and recruitment, vacations, business trips, transfers), invoices for payment, and much more.

A single window for access to internal services. Replacing an employee's personal cabinet in Teams

Create requests in different systems in a dialog mode or through specialized screen forms. Addresses to HelpDesk, passes, vacation and business trip requests, booking meeting rooms and much more.

4 easy steps to get started with the chatbot
An employee downloads a chat bot from the company's app store
The chat bot is added to private chats and sends a welcome message to the email
The employee sees the most popular requests in the chat-bot dialog
A staff member can always request information about chatboat features
Find an example of using the chat bot for your needs
Chat Bot for employee adaptation
This reduces the burden on the direct supervisors and buddy, provides control of the adaptation process, ensures the involvement of new employees and provides feedback
  • Employee greeting and useful links
  • Consultations on issues (Health insurance, salary card, etc.)
  • Acquaintance with regulations
  • Taking surveys and receiving feedback
  • Reminders of events (trainings, excursions, meetings with the manager)
  • Interaction with buddy
Chat Bot for HR
This reduces the burden on HR professionals by answering frequently asked questions. Provides execution of processes with the participation of HR-specialists. Allows you to quickly solve employee tasks related to HR issues.
  • Request a copy of the workbook
  • Request for information on business travel
  • Request for information on the number of vacation days
  • Create vacation request
  • Approval of the employee's appearance at work
  • Preparing an employee's workplace and much more
Chat Bot for HelpDesk
This reduces the load from the first line of support by searching and offering a solution from the knowledge base, managing the dialog of registration and classification of the application. Increases the speed of response to user problems.
  • Creating an appeal in terms that are understandable to the user
  • Providing the most relevant links to knowledge base articles
  • Ability to categorize your problem by the user. Intelligent problem category analysis based on historical data
  • Providing additional information and screenshots from users
  • Automatic registration of appeals and informing users
  • Ability to integrate with various HelpDesk systems: Jira, Itilium, SharePoint Server or Online, etc.
Chat Bot for middle and top managers
The time of top and middle managers is the most expensive in each company. Providing a quick and convenient decision-making tool that ensures the mobility of employees can save a company millions of rubles per year. Chat-bot can provide a single interface for decision making.
  • Approval of applications and documents via chatbot
  • Acquaintance with documents
  • Reminders of upcoming events or overdue tasks
  • Creation and control of the execution of orders
  • Planning meetings and booking meeting rooms
  • Sending on a business trip
  • Employee control
Additional list of chatbot usage scenarios
  • Booking of meeting rooms
  • Time selection for meeting with colleagues
  • Registration of passes for visitors and cars
  • Provision of information on the production calendar and holidays
  • Weather in different cities
  • Bulk mailing
  • Conducting surveys
  • Informing about problems with the application of photos from mobile phones. To control remote objects
Systemz ChatBot Versions
Chat Bot for Business
Lite Edition
  • Small talk and weather information
  • Production calendar
  • Information on the secretary/HR-department
    • Get a pass
    • Order a tax certificate
    • Order a copy of workbook
    • Request for a certificate of employment
Chat Bot for Business
Standard Edition
  • Lite-edition functionality
  • Voting
  • Bulk mailing
  • Booking of meeting rooms (MS Exchange)
  • Booking of car (MS Exchange)
  • Answers to questions from the knowledge base
Chat Bot for Business
Pro Edition
  • Standard-edition functionality
  • Vacation request
  • Business travel application
  • Application for an external system pass
  • Matching in bot
  • Push notifications from external systems
  • Meeting reminder (MS Exchange)
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