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Message AntiSpy

Application for exchange of encrypted messages in Microsoft Teams
Exchange logins and passwords as well as other confidential information in encrypted form. Your messages can only be read by the right recipient
What is message encryption for?
Microsoft Teams has become an everyday part of our business communications. There is no doubt about the security of data transmitted through Teams, but users often find themselves in a situation where they need to exchange confidential information during communication, which should not be available to third parties.
Such information can be logins and passwords, links to closed resources, company financial indicators, project information, secret documentation, and much more.
By sharing confidential data in chat rooms, you run the risk that an attacker may intercept it and use it for his own purposes.
The Message AntiSpy application is designed to exchange confidential information in encrypted form between private chat participants.
How it works?
Message AntiSpy provides client side encryption

Your computer

Your message will be encrypted in a secure way BEFORE it leaves your computer.

The application is based on Advanced Encryption Standard - a symmetric algorithm for block encryption, adopted by the U.S. government as a standard in a competition held between technology institutes. All messages are encrypted with a strong 256-bit key.


Attacker's computer

Even if an attacker attacks the communication channel between your computer and Microsoft servers, he will only receive an encrypted message and will not be able to decrypt it.


The Message AntiSpy application should also be installed on the addressee's side, with which he can decrypt the received message.

How are encryption keys generated?
An encryption key is generated for each chat. This means that if a message is sent to another chat, users will not be able to decrypt it, because the key of the new chat will not match the sent message.
The encryption key is created the first time you access the application within the chat, but you can always generate a new key manually.
At the same time, previously encrypted messages will no longer be available to you or your conversation partners, and you can be sure that this information will not go anywhere.
How to send an encrypted message
Benefits of the Pro-version
  • The encryption keys are transmitted through a secure encryption protocol HTTPS. But if you want to get additional protection for the encryption mechanism, it is recommended to purchase a Pro-version for your company.
  • In this case, the server with the key storage will be deployed directly from you, and the encryption keys will never go beyond your infrastructure.

    This method is recommended for companies with a high degree of concern for data security

  • In the Pro version you will get access to the mode of exchanging encrypted messages with a temporary key.
  • In such an exchange, the key is created only for five minutes and is automatically destroyed immediately after that time.

    You can be sure that after the key disappears it will be impossible to re-form the key for the same message, because for 256 bit key there are more than 3.31 x 1056 combinations. This number is almost equal to the number of all atoms in the universe!

At the moment Message AntiSpy can be used in desktop and web versions of Teams
Standard Version is free
To purchase the Pro version, write to sales@systemz.io